Energy generation and consumption

Gross power capacity

44.4 GW
17.4 GW
Renewable assets
of the gross power capacity
Gross power capacity
Renewable capacity (GW)
2021 2022
ACWA Power's net share 8.1 9.2
Total portfolio gross capacity 14.8 17.4
In operations 0.9 1.1
Under construction 1.5 2.4
Advanced development phase 5.7 5.7
In operations 1.6 2.0
Under construction 4.5 5.0
Advanced development phase 8.7 10.4

Innovation is cutting the cost of power and water dramatically

We have produced a significant tariff reduction in reverse osmosis (RO) desalination, concentrated power and photovoltaic solar energy projects over the last decade.

In desalination we have achieved an energy consumption reduction of 87%. In fact, through a paradigm shift in design and big data analytics, we have driven down the cost of desalination considerably, this makes the RO process more affordable for countries outside GCC such as Egypt and Morocco.

Specific power consumption (SPC), kWh/m3
Tariff reduction in KSA for our desalination plants, SAR/m3

ACWA Power is a constant innovator in renewables and able to deliver competitive tariffs

In solar PV, tariffs have reduced considerably to close to one cent/KWh partly due to optimum solar panel selection for local conditions, high equipment efficiencies and enhanced design tools for best optimised solutions.

In CSP the main factors that drove down the tariffs significantly are the innovation, upscaling, hybridisation and optimisation of the technologies, high steam-turbine efficiency, optimum storage capacity and improved operation strategy.

Tariff, USDc/kWh

Source: Company information. Note: (1) 950 MW solar hybrid project (700 MW CSP and 250 MW PV).