ACWA Power’s world class ingenuity is driving innovative technology and digital transformation across our business, and is enabling us to meet our sustainability goals.

Our technology roadmap projects

Roadmap projects by technology
Roadmap projects by levers

ACWA Power’s Technology and Innovation Strategy focuses on technological value-creating innovations and R&D initiatives that can help to give the сompany a competitive edge.

  • We currently have 33 active projects focused largely on core business segments – renewables, water desalination and green gases, in addition to digitalisation, energy storage and hybrids.
  • For the technologies currently on the market and within our business development strategy, the innovation focus is on improving operational excellence, mainly through leveraging our internal innovation dynamics, with the aim to improve bottom line results for our assets.
  • For selected technologies expected to enter the market within five years, the innovation focus is on co-development, by running pilots and demonstration projects, partnering with OEMs, venture capitalists and selected startups, and finally collaborative R&D in partnership with universities and select R&D players in our existing and target markets.
  • Our aim is to secure IP rights and obtain a strong competitive advantage (preferential use of technology or first user position). Stretch targets are defined to reach disruptive market impact.

Using digital ingenuity to speed up energy transition


Our business lines can use better tools to improve their productivity.

Our EPC partners can plug into our value chain better.

Our operations are becoming more efficient.

Our recruits and trainees progress faster.

Our investors get better, faster data and insights. And, perhaps most important of all, our customers in Saudi Arabia, Middle East, Africa, Central Asia and Southeast Asia, get more reliable, affordable and sustainable power and water, the essence of life.

Digital transformation progress at ACWA Power during 2022
KPI Description Increase
Data assets
Number of KPIs, dashboards and reports implemented
x 2.6
Data streaming assets
Number of implemented specialised software in processing data (models, simulations, etc)
x 10.6
Net Promoter Score (NPS)
Metric to measure quality and satisfaction through surveys and questions, measured using eSupport service ticketing tool
4.7 out of 5
Digital people involved
% of people involved in digital transformation
x 1.08
Number of digital tribes activated
Communities of knowledge that facilitate applying the principles of digital transformation (agile, design thinking, UX) to different business domains like construction management, field operations, logistics, etc
Over 30