Sustainability governance

Last year, we updated our governance and management processes in the context of our ESG strategy, and demonstrated further commitment this year with the board overseeing ESG. The board makes overall strategic recommendations and guides direction, and oversees progress on sustainability and ESG targets. It ensures alignment with our overall corporate strategy and vision.

ACWA Power's dedicated sustainability and CSR function continued to drive both overall ESG strategy and the Company's reporting to internal and external stakeholders in 2022.

Barka, Oman

The sustainability function will continue to enable the implementation of ESG and sustainability initiatives by:

Developing frameworks and procedures relating to GHG inventory and ESG monitoring.

Developing the CSR framework and monitoring its implementation at corporate and local level.

Organising a company-wide ‘sustainability network’ to foster commitment to sustainability and cascading it down to asset level to enhance the impact of our sustainability efforts.